Download 8 Google AdWords Image Ad Templates

NOTE: image ad formats in this post are outdated so you should download the NEW templates HERE. However instructions on how to use these templates are still very useful.

You can build AdWords image ads easily with Google Display Ad Builder, but when you have to meet advertisers brands guidelines or you’re into some real  affiliate marketing action, you have to build your own ads. For some of you this is easy for others is not, but when you build these ads you have to test every format available as you never now where will that little “Small Square” of 200 x 200 pixels or shall I say 200 x 189 pixels pop out next.

So here is your TIFF and PSD file with all dimensions and SLICES for static image ads (JPG, GIF or PNG). This AdWords banner templates include the smaller, AdWords compatible image ad sizes so your ads won’t get squashed by Google. This means if you draw a circle in your ad and post it as 300 x 250 px format, it will get squashed and you know what this means for a car advertisement – elliptic tires.

Download 8 AdWords Banner Ad Templates

How to use the AdWords Image Ad Template file?

1. Download TIFF here: AdWords Image Ad Template TIFF or Download PSD here: AdWords Image Ad Template PSD

2. Open it in Photoshop (switch off guides if you want – you have slices ready)

3. Create your ads ;)

4. Export for web: File > Save for Web & Devices


5. Select all banners you want to export

6. Select export options and select “Optimize to file size”


7. You want all slices to bi optimized to a file size of 44KB or less. They will get a bit larger than this but this should keep file size less than 50KB which is the AdWords image ads limit.


8. Save your image ads and choose “selected slices” save option.


Your AdWords ad sizes are ready-to-upload:

• Banner: 468 x 49
• Square: 250 x 239
• Small Square: 200 x 189
• Leaderboard: 728 x 79
• Medium rectangle: 300 x 239
• Large Rectangle: 336 x 269
• Skyscraper: 120 x 578
• Wide Skyscraper: 160 x 578

I’m using this for each and every AdWords image ad campaign as it is a big time saver.



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  1. Posted 15.07.2010 at 16:53 | Permalink

    Hey Peter,

    Thanks for the post I needed a template like this and it really helpful. Have you actually used the ad creator. It seems a little weak and limited.

    Thanks again


  2. RZ
    Posted 19.07.2010 at 04:29 | Permalink

    Thanks very much. Came in useful and definitely cut down on the amount of time I would have spent setting up a template.

  3. Posted 11.10.2010 at 17:46 | Permalink


    I will use the templates for a marketing I am running this month

  4. Joe
    Posted 02.04.2011 at 01:27 | Permalink

    Well, I’m a newbie and I obviously misunderstood something, but I used your template and wound up spending a day and a half making ads in the wrong sizes. After uploading the ads to Adwords, Adwords helpfully stretched them out vertically to the proper sizes, destroying their resolution and creating the ellipses you referred to.

    Just thought I’d let folks know to check this out:

  5. Joe
    Posted 02.04.2011 at 06:17 | Permalink

    Now I’m really baffled. Sometimes I’m seeing Google serve ads in the sizes on your template, and sometimes in the IAB sizes.

    Anyway, sorry for the tone of the last post. I’m a bit lost as to how to build ads so they don’t get resized.

  6. Posted 02.04.2011 at 17:51 | Permalink

    Hi Joe,

    these ad formats could be outdated as I can’t find this information on AdWords help anymore. Regardless I have made a research (made a few screen shots on Youtube etc. and measured pixels in Photoshop) and it seems that at this moment static ads still use the squashed format, but have a flash Google logo at the bottom right corner which is not like the URL line specified at Google image ad guidelines.

    Google will probably standardize all static ads to IAB sizes and when it happens I will sure make another template. This question was posted to Google support and will let you know as soon as I get the answer.


  7. Posted 14.04.2011 at 19:23 | Permalink

    Why does Google request a 468×60 banner if all they’re going to do is squish it down to 468×49. Defeats the purpose of creating a nice looking graphic. I’m going to attempt to upload the smaller size and see if they accept it.

  8. Posted 21.09.2011 at 23:45 | Permalink

    They used to do that so their overlay would work, but they got everything squared away now.

  9. Posted 31.10.2011 at 10:22 | Permalink

    Thanks I really needed these for an upcoming campaign.

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