8 Google Ad Sizes in One Photoshop File

As you might noticed Google changed the static banner ad sizes to standard sizes. The change was made by retiring the old footer board that forced you in creating smaller than standard ad formats as otherwise your ads would get squashed.

See the old ad example here:


They have changed the footer information into this:


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Download 8 Google AdWords Image Ad Templates

NOTE: image ad formats in this post are outdated so you should download the NEW templates HERE. However instructions on how to use these templates are still very useful.

You can build AdWords image ads easily with Google Display Ad Builder, but when you have to meet advertisers brands guidelines or you’re into some real  affiliate marketing action, you have to build your own ads. For some of you this is easy for others is not, but when you build these ads you have to test every format available as you never now where will that little “Small Square” of 200 x 200 pixels or shall I say 200 x 189 pixels pop out next.

So here is your TIFF and PSD file with all dimensions and SLICES for static image ads (JPG, GIF or PNG). This AdWords banner templates include the smaller, AdWords compatible image ad sizes so your ads won’t get squashed by Google. This means if you draw a circle in your ad and post it as 300 x 250 px format, it will get squashed and you know what this means for a car advertisement – elliptic tires.

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AdWords Running But Who Is Answering The Phone?

In the old days when you advertised your shop in a magazine, you highlighted your opening hours. Why? Well, you didn’t want people to drive all the way to your shop to find out it was closed two hours ago.

It’s the same on line. If you don’t use advanced landing pages to catch your customers names and if you don’t have online store that sells for you 24/7, it is better to match your advertising schedule to your opening schedule.

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New Zealand’s Dirty Secret

Recently I was keyword researching the market for keywords on how to build and make stuff and while searching for potentially profitable keywords phrases, I have came across an interesting national agenda that left me a bit worried.

Did you know that New Zealanders would rather make a bomb than make cookies? Yes it is weird, but according to Google Insights for Search in 2009 this peaceful nation is cooking something else.

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AdWords Resellers Shares Dive More Than 16%

It is amazing how easy it is for shareholders to retrieve their investments out of the company just for knowing that it won’t use AdWords any more. Infoserve Group PLC is getting out of beaing an AdWords authorizer reseller.

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